Server Features

- Latest New Engine
- Low rate
- 3 Classes (Knight,Archer,Mage)
- Kalworld mixed with custom areas
- Old Balanced PvP System
- New Questline/Competitive rewards
- Blob System enabled (can be switched on/off by pressing “b”)
- Assassin drop enabled
- PvPs are: CW &Battlefield (For now)
- Max Speed G4 (By speed ups and Mages)
- No 3rd job
- No Qigong , Dragon spirit scroll
- No Jewel
- No Hanin mirror
- No Trigram
- No Demon gong
- No Weapon skins/suits
- No Decorations
- No battle riding
- No Riding Pets & Awakening skills
- Fair and not pay to win Donation System
- DDoS protection
- New accessories
- Custom mixing system
- Weapons/Armors/Accessories enchanting system
- Pets
- Daily/Weekend/Weekly events including appearing areas with special mobs, bosses, quests and items

Server Guide

Low level areas, Forest of Assassins, D1, Deadly Grounds, Highlands of Sky, D3, Royal Desert,
Mountains Of The KING.( Areas will be activated comparing to levels of the players)

As we all know all the quests from international Kalonline are really boring so we decided to create a new quest line from level 5 to infinity with custom stories and rewards.

Access system aka entrance control:
To get access to some areas you have to do a quest. E.z. You can get teleported to d3f1 but if you want to go f2 you have to make mini ( or harder (depends on area)) quest to get access card for it. Items could be traded/sold ingame but if tou finish the quest and get the card you cannot repeat the quest. Further more, you can run there as many times you want, but if you gonto town you have to run from f1 again otherwise make a save.

Accessories/armors enchanting system:
Special scrolls could be used on accessories or g55+ armors. These items will improve your items with special and extra stats. Scrolls will not be easy to get. Bosses/mini bosses will drop it, special quests can give it as reward. Never forget event islands which could appear in the world with new mobs, quests which both gives rewards as enchant scrolls and more