About the server

Server made for you

We all share the same obsession about this superior MMORPG.
This game, although quite old, has got the newest engine, files, and therefore we can balance most of the aspects by the means of our deep knowledge, experience and proper mind-set.
We focus on and excel at the following areas:
PVP balance, Custom Quests, EXP Table and Drop Table,
undivided attention to players and their requests (player support).
Thus, with your input we hope to roll-out a successful project, which you can read about down below. Ideas of the project. One of the key ideas of this project is to restore and help Kal-Online community. We love this game so dearly that we are ready to sacrifice our free time for the sake of an idea which might not have any personal benefit for us. What we mean is that we are unlike the servers which stay open for a week just to gain money and thus suffocate our small community. Our project has a contrasting goal. Our mind-set is different. By saying a “long term project” we are sure that with your help we are capable of maintaining the community for way longer than money-oriented servers. We are not going to stop creating and working until we balance the game to perfection that we all dream of

Latest News
November 21 [Update v1.03]

Demon Commander spawn doubled
Wooden Box respawn time reduced to 30 minutes
Wooden Box spawn rate doubled
G32-G64 waters added to Food Merchant
Small Mana medicines amount increased for voting
Deadly Grounds Access quest droprate increased
SoC Reward for Quest lvl 27 fixed
Level 32 Quest item drops fixed (Demon Water Dragon)
Monster spawns were added to Devil Beach
Glitchy mob spawns in Dungeon 1 were fixed

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